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Tim McDonald Tim McDonald

The production of this album led me to the discovery of many surprising tidbits of information and doing a little research on Tim Mcdonald was no exception. I booked him into his session for the album having never met him nor listened to any of his work. He was brought to my attention by Jeff Pevar during one of our discussions during the process of putting it all together and Jeff's word was good enough for me. It was an excellent suggestion as Tim proved to have a "nice touch" on the guitar and with it he brought a special brand of subtlety into his take on "Temptation".

It is only now that I begin to research him further that I find he has a long and most interesting history. Born in Worcester, Mass he began to work professionally at age 13 and toured extensively around New England from then on. Tim soon found himself smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco scene in the early 1970's where he was singer and lead guitarist for the Charles Biscuit Band and was in high demand by all the local clubs during those years. As time passed into the eighties Tim made his way to LA where he took his talents and applied them to session playing for music, TV and film projects which he continues to do today.

When he's not flitting back and forth to LA, Tim can be found playing around New England, now with old friend Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar as the "Kortchmar McDonald Band". Kootch has quite the history of his own from the same era but based in the northeast rather than the west coast. He has worked with a long list of notables and the band is well worth the listen. If you happen to come across them playing somewhere in your area by all means check them out. It was a pleasure to work with Tim in the studio and watch him piece his track together. He brought some innovative ideas to the session and the results were right in line with the premise of the project. As with all the artists, his presentation far exceeded my expectations and with it as well as the others we have been able to put together an excellent piece of finished work. Thanks Tim

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