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At an early age Erica "Rickie" Miller demonstrated an affinity for singing as well as a voice with exceptional quality. Hailing from the southeast corner of Connecticut she began to teach herself to sign at age thirteen and gained some vocal instruction through gigging with several rock bands around the area. She generated particular attention during her time with the Connecticut based band "Siren" by showing a tremendous natural ability to take and control the stage. Their short lived career was highlighted by several performances at the Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods where they were always well received. Unfortunately artistic differences caused a parting of the ways.

Erica Miller

In the process of trying to locate the right voice for the project I was introduced to Rickie's by John Bolduc during a demo session at John's studio. It had been about a year of one rejection after another by singers since my search had begun and things were looking somewhat bleak at that moment. So I asked john if he new anybody and when I heard the first 30 seconds of the take John had stashed away I knew she was what I was looking for. Somehow I managed to coerce this very young rock and roll girl into singing a bunch of old jazz standards. She insists she's not a jazz singer but a lot of us around here disagree with her whenever we get the chance. Her undying enthusiasm and top notch attitude are largely responsible for my actually completing the record. When things would get to looking poorly and the doubts started creeping in I'd get to feeling I'd be letting her down if I didn't finish. That's all it took to keep me going.

These days Rickie is still working for the man but when the weekends come she's off to any one of apparently 4 different bands to lend her vocal talents in an ever expanding area in the Northeast. She spent some time alongside Donald "Smoothie" McCall fronting the disco revival band and all around good time show "Disco Inferno" at regular stints in places like Mohegan Sun's "Wolf's Den" or occasionally singing a live expanded rendition of the "A Brief Episode" CD plus similar tunes with a newly formed band based on the project. Recently she has left Disco inferno to join another premier Connecticut based band "Sugar." We wish her the best of luck with this newest endeavor and have no doubts she will fill her position with them equally as well as she has done for others thus far.

The "A Brief Episode Band" features Erica "Rickie" Miller as well as guitarists Tony Dioguardi and "Guitar" George Baker. Rickie, Tony and George are joined by bassist Stu Woods, whose resume is quite extensive and well known New Haven area drummer John Rispoli, who comes with outstanding credentials of his own, rounds out the lineup. Rickie and I are both shocked and awed (if I might borrow a phrase) that all these outstanding musicians have taken an interest in our little funtime project. We thank them for their vote of confidence. As time goes on we hope to see more regular gigs from the band. Check back here now and then for an upcoming band page that will have scheduling available. They can bee seen occasionally at the "Olde School Saloon and Bistro" and especially try to catch them at this years Branford Jazz Festival, Thursday July 2, 2011.

Working with Rickie has been an absolute pleasure. She demonstrated great professionalism for one of such a young age. She was always prepared for the sessions and when things weren't maybe working as well as we'd like I'd ask if she wanted a break and invariably the answer would be no, then she'd go out, step up to the mike again and get right back at it for a couple more takes. The general consensus here is that she's a trooper. Very solid attitude.

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