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Connecticut has many rare gems secreted away and one of them is "Guitar" George Baker. Born in Louisiana he has been living in and gigging all around the New Haven area since settling down there in 1985. He brings a wealth of experience and background every time and everywhere he plays. According to my calculations, somewhere around 56 years and counting. These days he can be found playing with his other band "The George Baker Experience" up and down the I-95 corridor in Connecticut but most regularly at either The Olde Shool Saloon or Cafe Nine which are both in New Haven. He also participates regularly in the Saturday afternoon jazz jams at Cafe Nine.

Half way through the making of the CD I had already met and had the tracks from Tony Dioguardi and was still looking for a couple more people to round out what had turned into a stellar lineup by this time. During a discussion on the subject Tony recommended George, mentioning him having such notables as Marvin Gaye and Melba Moore listed in his credentials and living right in the New Haven area. I was sold. I didn't even feel the need to have to listen to anything. I would later learn he had also spent some time as house guitar for the Apollo back in the early 1960's. I had been thinking of adding "Misty" to the playlist and mentioned it to Tony. He replied, "George plays a beautiful version of Misty." I must agree with him.

One thing that struck me immediately upon hearing George play for what I thought was the first time in the studio is that deja vu feeling of, "I know I've heard this guitar before." Somewhere back in the depths of my memories I know I've heard George playing on the AM radio when that's all there was in your car. I couldn't tell you what songs they were, but I'm sure he could. One thing to note is that we actually did 'Misty" in two sessions. After we had finished the first one and had what I thought was a very usable take George called me while he was on the way home. He wasn't happy with it and knew he could do better. Will I let him come back up and do it again? How do you say no? So he, Tony, Rickie and John the engineer redid the session gratis and I can't thank them enough. As with all the musicians appearing on this album it was a privilege to work with him for those all too few hours in the studio.

Now, as if the cake needed any icing, George has taken an interest in a newly formed band featuring Rickie Miller with Tony Dioguardi on guitar as well. It is based on the playlist of the CD and some other songs along the same groove. They are joined by Bassist Stu Woods and Drummer John Rispoli who both bring impressive credentials with them as well. Where it might go from here noone seems to know but I am truly honored that musicians of this caliber think enough of the project to want to help further it along in such a direct manner.

Look for a "Meet the Band" page planned for the future here at the website should they decide to expand. Currently look for them occasionally at The Olde School Saloon in New Haven and especially The Branford Jazz Festival, Branford CT on July 21, 2011.

For further information on George and his upcoming performance schedule please visit his website.

Visit his Facebook page at:

Itunes link: Mojo Lady - Guitar Georgr Baker

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