A Brief Episode CD Cover

Vocals by Rickie Miller

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Ten Great songs,
ten great guitarists

The Guitar Lover's Sampler:
Volume I

Heart felt thanks go out to each and every person whose name appears on this record. Without their undying enthusiasm and support from start to finish this project would not have been possible. Special attention should be awarded to "little Rickie" who patiently stuck it out well over two years from our first introduction and never lost interest.

The concept was to allow these ten fine guitarists complete freedom to refresh a few of my favorite vocal standards. Little restriction was placed on them other than the arrangement should be based on the guitar/vocalist duo with bass being optional. They were further instructed to have fun. I believe that by stripping the layers away and reducing these tunes to their bare essentials I have gained a glimpse at the musical genius that lies within these masters. I'll let you, my listener, be the final judge.

Thanks to Jon Herington and Bill Kirchen. Their kind words of encouragement at the outset provided the impetus to move forward.

Thanks to Frank Vignola for putting the Bennett sessions together and increasing the momentum.

Special thanks to my wife Jan for putting up with me.

10% of net profit from this project will be donated to The Connecticut Guitar Society www.ctguitar.org

Dedicated to Les Paul and Mary Ford